SF Stationery Breakfast Club

Nex meeting: December 8th, Saturday!

We are teaming up with Maido Stationery Store to bring the Japanese “朝活 - Asakatsu” tradition to San Francisco!
Get together with fellow stationery enthusiasts for an informal chat about your favorite stationery products at a coffee shop in SF Japan Town. Afterwards, trek over to Maido to see what new products they have in stock. (Check out this Pen Addict article on the Tokyo Stationery Breakfast Club)

Due to venue restrictions, registration below is REQUIRED. We may need to restrict participation for the first couple of events, but will make sure to find a venue big enough for everybody to attend in the future. We appreciate your patience and understanding. We are learning as we go.

Date: Every second Saturday of the month.
Time: 9:30am - 11:00am
Location: YakiniQ Cafe, 1640 Post St, SF.
Fee: Please order at least one item from the cafe. There will be no “event fee” per se.

Event format:

  1. Product of the month presentation by Maido, followed by audience discussion and feedback.

  2. Topic of the month show & tell. Each week will have a theme, such as “My favorite notebook" or “My favorite sub-$10 stationery" which we will ask you to bring for a show & tell around the table.

  3. Discussion of the topic for the following month.

  4. Dismissal. People can stay and chat, or trek over to Maido to satisfy your cravings.

YakiniQ Cafe
1640 Post St, San Francisco


Please RSVP at https://Meetup.com if you are interested.

Alternatively, if you want to be informed of future events, please register below:

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