We offer customized selections of high quality, reasonably priced stationery products to boost your productivity and creativity.  Don't confine your thinking to the tiny screen and your cursor position.  Give your mind the true freedom to think in all angles, sizes, colors, shapes, and dimensions.  Activate all of your senses to unleash your creativity.  Going digital doesn't mean you need to abandon your analog tools.  Quite the contrary!  Your cutting edge digital tools deserve cutting edge analog companions for maximum productivity.

Bruce Eimon discussing why analog tools are important in this digital age. Jump to the 5:37 mark for his summary remarks.

Our founder, Bruce Eimon, is a leading expert on the Japanese stationery industry, having unparalleled connections ranging from the large-name manufacturers to the innovative boutique design studios in Japan. He travels to Japan on a quarterly basis to source new products, make media appearances, and provide consulting to Japanese stationery manufacturers.

Schedule your free appointment to explore how you can bring greater joy and creativity in your workplace through the incorporation of quality Japanese stationery in your productivity workflow.

Services Offered

  • One-of-a-kind branded products to give as gifts to customers, partners, and employees.

  • Custom packaged productivity kits consisting of quality pens, notebooks, and other joy inspiring analog tools from Japan.

  • Custom research reports about the Japanese stationery industry trends and product information.

  • Introduction/liaison with Japanese stationery designers and production companies.

Our Story

Think on Paper .Co was started by Bruce Eimon, a long time veteran of the Silicon Valley.  While working in the forefront of the digital revolution (Oracle, Yahoo, Adobe, Twitter), he became increasingly aware of the vast gap between people's willingness to spend a fortune on their mobile digital tools, while not thinking twice about the poor quality of their office supplies.  Think on Paper .Co is dedicated to introducing high quality, reasonably priced Japanese stationery products to the American market to solve this problem.

About Bruce


Bruce Eimon was born and raised in Japan, where he gained first-hand knowledge of the broad range of high quality stationery products offered there.  Since starting Think on Paper .Co, Bruce has built an extensive network of Japanese stationery manufacturers, retailers, and media figures.  He writes a regular column in Japan’s leading high-end stationery magazine, 趣味の文具箱, titled “Bridging the stationery gap between America and Japan”. He also contributes a monthly article to America’s leading stationery blog, https://penaddict.com, featuring innovative Japanese stationery products. He is on the organizing committee of the Tokyo International Pen Show, and is the host of the monthly SF Stationery Meetup.

Media Appearances: